About us

Beirut607 is a memorial platform established in 2021 to document the events surrounding the Beirut port explosion and the stories of the blast’s victims. The website serves as an interactive database and acts as a living conscience dedicated to honoring the victims of the August 4, 2020 tragedy.

The initiative behind the website emphasizes the value and importance of documentation to preserve the rights of those victims and their families, while justice is yet to be achieved.

In addition to documentation efforts, the website also supports victims’ initiatives and empowers them to collaborate with advocacy experts and advisors to uncover the truth and pursue justice for all.

The initiative also published a book “Beirut607: Alive Ashes” on June 4, 2021, telling the stories of those who lost their lives in the August 4 explosion. The project came to light with the support of a group of journalists and media advocates who have been appalled by the atrocity of the blast, and who have worked together to compile the many untold stories in one book.

While government agencies had no means to track the victims’ identities or their stories, Beirut607 dedicated a section on the website under “Alive Ashes”, to those who have died in the Beirut port explosion. In these stories, the victims’ lives, personalities, and character are commemorated. The website also includes a section titled “In Limbo” in reference to the stories of those injured by the blast and suffering from subsequent mobility and physical disabilities.

Under “The Memory” section, users can browse through information surrounding the explosion including, “Disaster in the Press”, “Victims’ Uprising”, “Justice”, “Life Goes On”, “Silent Witness”, “About the Port and its Events”, “Initiatives”, “Correspondence”, “Port/Tayyouneh”, and “The Scale of the Disaster”.

In the “Legal Port Diaries” section, articles related to the legal aspects and judicial proceedings related to the case are made available. The Beirut607 team collaborates with the Socio-Economic Justice Initiative –MAAN to develop research papers capitalizing on the data that is gathered on the ground. This section will also be useful for future researchers wishing to conduct further studies on the Beirut port explosion.

In an effort to uphold and advocate for justice and human rights, the Socio-Economic Justice Initiative –MAAN and Beirut607 aim to bridge the gaps within the Lebanese society by promoting a culture of civic responsibility and accountability, producing evidence-based quantitative and qualitative research, and calling for institutional strengthening and social protection. Both initiatives seek to create collective advocacy groups aiming for full equality through day-to-day accessible activities. While Beirut607 mainly focuses on the port explosion, MAAN works on a broader scale to engage citizens to defend and safeguard their rights and address the repercussions of a long-term corrupted system, which contributed to the perpetuation of a sectarian model that divided the Lebanese people through false propaganda, stocking a fear of the other.

Beirut607 aspires to be the largest most extensive database and research platform dedicated to the Beirut port explosion. Its unwavering commitment is to advocate for the fundamental cause of truth and justice for all the victims and their beloved city.

Documenting the scale of the tragedy provides irrefutable evidence for future legal and political actions in Lebanon, particularly in instances where the judiciary fails short of its responsibilities and politicians hinder investigations. Despite deliberate political attempts to conceal the truth and silence the conversation about the explosion, preserving these accounts will ensure the victims’ stories and their suffering remain enduringly present.

The Beirut607 website assumes a crucial and pivotal role in its mission to immortalize the tragedy and keep it alive.

Our Team

Adiba Kassab

Lebanese journalist licensed in media and communication, majored in mass communication from the Beirut Arab University.
Worked in written journalism and several other fields of media, with hundreds of articles to her credit.
She is currently dedicated to researches and digital media.

Cathia Chamoun

Journalist at the National News Agency.

Dana Salloum

Dana Salloum, an activist and Self-Love Coach/Advocate. Holds a Master’s degree in Cancer Biology from Lebanese University. She’s Co-founder at Dekenet Al Nes initiative.
Additionally, a Freelance Experienced Graphic Designer and Certified Digital Marketer.

Diyaa Mouthafar

A licensed journalist in media, activist and social researcher, she holds a master's degree in corporate communication, and has worked in a number of governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations.

Dolly Bachaalany

Journalist and writer of political and diplomatic articles for Al-Diyar newspaper, accredited to the Presidential Palace, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ministry of Emigrants.
University professor, holder of a doctorate in "Media and Communication Sciences" from the University of Paris 2 (Pantheon-Assas).
Previously worked as the head of the investigations department at "Al-Diyar" newspaper for years, and wrote cultural articles for "Al-Nahar Al-Arabi and Al-Dawli" magazine.
She was also a reporter for an Arab news website, a radio producer and a presenter.

Huzam Khaddaj

A media observer and activist in the humanitarian and social fields, she worked for several international non-governmental organizations, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
She participated in monitoring and controlling the media and candidates in the parliamentary elections in 2009 and 2018 within the framework of the Elections Supervisory Authority.

Joudi Abboushi

Joudi Abboushi holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Communications from Azm University. She is currently pursuing her studies at Southern New Hampshire University. She worked as a freelance journalist and field correspondent for multiple online platforms including ARIJ and Maharat. Fueled by her passion for the big screen, she was a sound assistant in the film “The Judgement”, in addition to various student film projects. She also was part of the Original Narrative Film Festival at the American University of Dubai.
She attended several relevant workshops organized by local and international media institutions including the Gulf Center for Human Rights (GCHR) and Sami Kassir Foundation, among others.

Kassem Afara

Kassem Afara, an activist, he holds a master’s degree in Law aside from a BS in nursing from Lebanese University. He has worked in a number of non-governmental organizations.

Khalil Jbaily

Khalil Jbaily is a journalist and legal researcher. He worked in investigative journalism and specialized in legal studies and research. He studied Law at the Lebanese University and established the online platform Legal POV.

Malek Doughman

A Lebanese investigative journalist, works as a researcher for an academic and media studies website, specialist in social media, and a journalist for a human rights association. Interested in Lebanese historical affairs and worked on archiving protests and demonstrations in Lebanon at the beginning of 2019.
He holds a BA in Journalism and Media from the Lebanese International University.

Manale Ezzedine

Master in Media and Communication at the Lebanese University.
She worked as a media observer in the Elections Supervisory Board for the years 2009 and 2018, as well as had experience writing in Al-Diyar newspaper, and also did several media trainings in Lebanese TVs NBN and Al-Jadeed.

Marie Hanna

Journalist on several news websites and in the field of documenting and organizing libraries and archives.
BA in Media and Documentation from the Lebanese University.
For more than twenty years, she served as the editorial secretary of the League of Fraternities magazine.
Lecturer in the subject of "Research Methodology".
Worked on preparing and presenting a number of programmes, on “صوت المحبة" radio and Radio Maryam in Rome.

Marwa Saab

Producer of political programs, journalist and writer of political and social articles for Al-Modon newspaper and Daraj website.
Holds a BA in "Journalism and Media" from the Lebanese International University.

May Nohra

A journalist at the National News Agency, currently accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants.
Previously, worked as a delegate for the agency in the media office in the Presidency of the Government.
She also worked in preparing and presenting broadcasts and broadcasts on both the official Radio Lebanon and the Voice of Lebanon (Ashrafiyeh)

Mohamed Salman

Mohamed Salman is a professional photographer with 10+ years of experience in multiple sectors, including politics, sports, entertainment, marketing, and tourism. In addition to photography, he is also skilled in editing and visual storytelling.

Nabil Mokaddem

Lebanese journalist and member of the "الكتاب اللبنانيين" Union.
Worked in a number of newspapers, specializing in investigative journalism in Al-Safir, Al-Akhbar, Al-Balad and Al-Bawad, which published his social and political articles. He also excelled in writing an autobiography.
He works as a reporter for Arab news sites and newspapers. He also worked as a media observer in the 2018 parliamentary elections within the framework of the Election Supervision Commission.
Among his books: The book " وجوه وأسرار من الحرب اللبنانية " which includes information about the Lebanese war, to be published for the first time. He is currently working on completing the second part of his book.
He holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences from the Lebanese University.

Nada Abdel Razzak

A media observer at the Election Supervision Commission, a journalist and writer for Al-Nahar newspaper as part of investigations and symposia in interfaith dialogue, and Nahar Al-Shabab and a journalist writer in the investigations section of Al-Hiwar and Al-Alameya newspapers.
Holds a master's degree in radio and television from the Lebanese International University and Beirut Arab University. She also has a degree in Journalism Direction.
Editor-in-chief, investigative editor and correspondent for a website.

Nada Al-Hout

Nada Al-Hout is an economy reporter with 10+ years of experience on Tele Liban. She currently hosts an economics program on the same channel -Tele Liban, where she discusses the major financial and economic events that marked the previous week. The show seeks people’s opinions and showcases interviews with families suffering from extreme poverty.

Nathalie El Murr

A certified journalist at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants and a writer on diplomatic and international affairs for the Central News Agency, in addition to being a translator in Arabic, English and French.
Previously, worked as an observer in the Election Supervision Commission, and as a reporter for the Saudi newspaper ”عكاظ”, also for a number of local and international news agencies, and for “صوت لبنان” Radio, in which she prepared and presented interviews and programmes.
She obtained a BA in Journalism from the Faculty of Information and Documentation, and also studied English Literature at the Lebanese University.

Nicole Bou Khalil

Nicole Bou Khalil program and project manager with over 17 years of experience in planning and implementing different project phases from inception to monitoring. Equipped with excellent communications skills that allow solid relationship building and dealing with different stakeholders. She is responsible to plan, execute, monitor, control, report and close out projects at The Socio-Economic Justice Initiative- MAAN and Beirut607.

Samer Al-Halabi

Samer Al-Halabi is a sports journalist with 25 years of experience. He worked in several local and regional newspapers and websites, namely Annahar, Al-Mustaqbal, and Al-Jazeera Web in Qatar. He served as the head of sports pages in Al-Sawt and Al-Sabah newspapers in Kuwait. He was also a correspondent for Spanish magazine “Don Balon”. He currently works for Info 3, Addiyar Newspaper, and Nile TV.

Samira Ouchana

Samira Ouchana is a renowned journalist and film critic. She graduated from the Faculty of Information at the Lebanese University and worked as a newscaster at Radio Liban. Samira also worked in multiple Arab newspapers and magazines; she wrote about politics, economy, and entertainment. She contributed to the editing of the book “Pioneers from Lebanon”, and was part of the 2021 Parliamentary Elections Supervisory Committee. She is a member of the Syndicate of Lebanese Press Editors and the Lebanon Press Club. Currently, she is the founder and editor-in-chief of Magvisions.com which covers political, social, economic, tourism, and entertainment news.

Tamara Kabboul

A Lebanese journalist, holds a Bachelor's degree in media, majoring in mass communication from the Beirut Arab University, and is working on completing her master's thesis from the same university.
She started her media caree by writting in the Arabic and English press, where she moved between many Arab media titles for more than two years, and has hundreds of articles in various fields to her credit.
She was fascinated by the audio-visual field since her young age, and moved on to become a TV presenter.

Therese Khoury

Therese Khoury is a journalist with a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Sciences from the Lebanese University. She worked as a media consultant in the ministries of Agriculture, Energy, and Water. Throughout her career, she has been employed by Assafir Newspaper, L’Orient-Le Jour, Nahar Al-Shabab, and the Lebanese Forces Magazine. She currently works as a news correspondent for Voice of Lebanon radio station (VDL) and Radio Monte Carlo International (MCD).