Zahwa El-Dada

Zahwa struggled as a single mom to raise her children after the passing of her husband. On August 4, 2020, she was home feeding her disabled son when the explosion happened and pushed her off her seat; Zahwa’s body hit the wall and she lost consciousness. She was transferred to the hospital to undergo a surgical procedure to help her breathe. Zahwa passed away three weeks later.

Mustapha Berri

Mustapha Berri, Lebanese, born in 1960, owned a butcher’s shop. On August 4. 2020, he was driving his car from Basta El-Tahta in Beirut to his house in Zokak El-Blat, when the explosion happened. He was hit with shattered glass, gravely injuring his right leg. Although Mustapha escaped death on that day, he was compelled to live with a lifelong disability and an unbearable share of physical pain. He can’t stand or walk on his feet without the support of a crutch. Today he is obliged to work as a taxi driver to support his family,

Farid Basila

Farid Basila is a Lebanese accountant born in 1960. While in Saifi area on the afternoon of August 4, 2020, an explosion rocked the city of Beirut, and Farid injured his neck, which caused him a cervical disc and a partial visual impairment. He needs to undergo a 4 to 6 thousand US dollars surgery; the final amount has not been determined yet.