Jawad Shayya

Jawad enlisted with the Lebanese army in 2009 and was appointed for duty at the port of Beirut. On August 4, 2020, he saw the fire at warehouse number 12 and went with lieutenant Ayman Noureddine and a few other soldiers to help put out the flames. Unfortunately, the explosion happened and Jawad was killed immediately.

سيريل ميشال كنعان

Cyril, an economy and finance graduate and a huge fan of the French football team “Olympique de Marseilles”, was still at the office when the explosion hit Beirut on August 4, 2020. He sustained extreme injuries, and although he was evacuated to the hospital, he passed away from a brain bleed.

ملفين خوري

Melvine Khoury, a Lebanese lady born in 1989, is a media personality who works for the Maronite Archidiocese of Beirut. At the time of the explosion on August 4, 2020, Melvine was home, and she sustained multiple injuries to her face; she underwent multiple surgeries, and still needs additional interventions. Moreover, her left eye was also damaged.