Elissar Hmayed

Elissar Hmeid had just left her job at Beirut Souks when the explosion hit the capital. She sustained a head injury and multiple fractures in her ribcage puncturing her lung and right shoulder. Elissar still suffers from the impact of the blast until today, and although she needs physical therapy sessions, she couldn’t do them due to her difficult economic conditions.

Amer El-Hussein

Amer moved to Lebanon fleeing the difficult conditions in his home country. He worked onboard oil tanks at the port of Beirut. On August 4, 2020, he was working onboard the “AMADEO II” oil tank, when, at 6:07 PM, everything changed, and he disappeared. His body was found twenty days later at Rafic Hariri University Hospital, and he was only identified through DNA testing.

Akid Rasho

Akid Mohamed Racho is a Syrian young man born in 1995. He suffers from a mental disability that affects his relationships with other people. At the time of the explosion, he fell of his balcony, and shards of glass hit his head, worsening his already difficult situation. His sister Heaven says he was undergoing treatment, but not anymore since the explosion.