Hayle Mariam Dimisi Rita

On August 4, 2020, Hayle was onboard the “Orient Queen” Cruise Ship he worked on, and when the fire erupted in warehouse 12, he went up to the deck with the ship’s crew to see what happened. The explosion sank the ship in the seawater, and Hayle’s dead body was found on the dock.

Etanu Dechassa Tullu

Etanu traveled to Lebanon for work to provide for her daughter’s education, and she had decided to extend her stay for one more year to cover her university expenses. On August 4, 2020, she was at her employers’ home Achrafieh; everyone was hurt but her injuries were quite extreme. Family relatives came to the rescue, and she was taken to the hospital for treatment. She unfortunately passed away four days later, and she was buried in Lebanon. Her employers pledged to cover the expenses of her daughter’s education.