Ardel Maglangit

Ardel came to Lebanon for work in 2012. On August 4, she was at her employers’ home in Mar Mikhael, finishing her daily chores, when the explosion sent shock waves through the city and she was hit by shards of glass, one of which stuck in her head killing her instantly. Ardel who left her husband and three kids in the Philippines and worked hard to provide for them, went back home a dead body.

Babylynn Serohijos

Babylynn moved to Lebanon to work as a housekeeper to provide for her two children whom she left with her parents back home. On August 4, 2020, as she was finishing her daily chores, a huge explosion rocked the city of Beirut, and she suffered from a heart attack. She was evacuated to the hospital, but she died a few days later, leaving behind two children eagerly waiting for her return. Her dead body was sent to her home country, and instead of bearing gifts, there she was bearing her death certificate.