Kousay Fadi Ramdan

Baby Kousay’s father fled the war in Syria and sought refuge in Minieh in North Lebanon. Kousay was born in 2020 suffering from a congenital liver disease, and he was kept at the Karantina hospital for treatment. On August 4, 2020, baby Kousay died in the blast, and he was the youngest victim of the Beirut explosion.

Latifa Hajj Steif

Latifa, her mother, and her siblings, fled the war in Syria and joined their father in Lebanon; they settled in the Karantina neighborhood. On August 4, 2020, she had just arrived home from work when the explosion destroyed their house and the roof fell over their heads. Latifa was severely injured, and she bled to death along with her mother and younger sister, leaving behind a father and siblings mourning her passing.

Khalidiya Bakri

Khalidiya’s family fled the war in Syria and sought refuge in Lebanon. On August 4, 2020, she was home with her children in Karantina area; when the explosion happened, their home was destroyed, and the roof fell over their heads. She immediately died with her two daughters while her other children were evacuated to the hospital for treatment.

Khaled Wahhoud

Khaled worked onboard cargo ships and finally settled in 2013 with a shipping company in Lebanon. In 2020, he did not go back to Syria to spend Eid holidays with his family, as he waited to receive his salary. On August 4, Khaled was on a ship docked at the port, and he was killed immediately. His body was transferred to Syria, and he was buried in his homeland.

Joud Ahmad Hajj Steif

Joud’s family fled the war in Syria and sought refuge in Lebanon in 2014. On August 4, 2020, Joud was home with her family and the roof fell over their heads as a result of the blast. They were all injured and evacuated to the hospital, but Joud, her sister, and their mother immediately died succumbing to their wounds.

Issa Khodr

On August 4, 2020, the ship Issa worked on arrived at the port of Beirut to unload its shipment, and while he was video calling his family, the explosion happened, and the connection was lost. Issa sustained severe injuries causing heavy bleeding, and despite multiple trials to resuscitate him and save his life, he finally succumbed to his wounds.

Hanna Gerges Akabati

Hanna arrived on a ship to the port of Beirut ten days before the explosion. It was a normal working day on August 4, 2020, and a few hours before the blast, he called his parents to check up on them. After the first explosion, he tried to open the door of the ship trying to save himself, but he couldn’t do so. When the second explosion happened it abruptly opened the door of the ship and he received a deadly hit to the head, immediately killing him.

Aram Der-Sarkissian

Aram’s story is different from that of other victims who lost their lives on August 4, 2020. Although his siblings were used to his absence for a period of time, this time around it was heartbreaking. On that dreadful afternoon, he walked down Mar Mikhael like he used to, but lost his life following the blast. His dead body remained in Machghara Governmental Hospital’s morgue for six months. His family received a decaying corpse after months of his passing.

Ayman Suleiman

Ayman graduated in 2011 as an agricultural engineer from the American University of Beirut and married his soulmate to start a beautiful family of his own. On August 4, 2020, he was in a meeting at his office nearby the port. His wife looked for him for hours until his brother confirmed the dreadful news “Ayman is forever gone”.

Ayman Obeid

Fleeing the war in Syria, Ayman moved to Lebanon in 2013 and worked as a delivery boy at Kababji Restaurant – Jal El-Dib. On August 4, 2020, he was delivering an order to Mar Mikhael when the explosion happened. He was on the phone with a relative asking him about the address he was delivering to, the call was cut short and his relative rushed to his location and found him bleeding on the ground. Ayman died on his way to the hospital.