Ali Hussein Zeineddine

Ali, born in 27/7/1985 dreamed of owning his own restaurant, he studied hospitality services, and had extensive experience as a distinguished chef, specialized in Italian cuisine. But Beirut's explosion put a sudden end to his life and dreams, without any prior notice.

Ali was spoiled in his family, an only son with four sisters, Marwa, Safaa, Asrar and Nahida. Yet, he was very responsible, especially after his father's early death, making him "the head of the family", while he was still very young. Ali, despite his young age, could hold control of things and provide for his mother and sisters. He was very helpful, and always there for everyone. Even growing up, in good and bad, he would always offer his help, and would never leave before completing his mission.

Ali's qualities and kindness granted him a special spot in the extended Zeineddine family, as described by his cousin Ramzi, who thinks it could be the reason he left so early, as death always targets the best people, who “leave this earth without a goodbye”.

Ali was a good student, he went to Mouallaka Public School until he completed grade nine. He wanted to join the workforce as soon as possible, and thus studied hospitality services in the Sheikh Mohamad Yaacoub technical institute in Douris – Baalbeck. After he earned his technical degree, he worked at the Grand Kadri Hotel in Zahle, then moved to Beirut, and worked as a chef in different restaurants, including "Mandarine", "Capitole Beirut", "Stem", and finally "Pizzeria Margherita" in Gemmayze, where he died.

On that ill-fateful Tuesday morning, Ali went to work as usual. At 6:00 PM he went outside the restaurant with his friend for a cigarette break. When the explosion happened, they were blown from their place. His cousin Ramzi says they called Ali repeatedly but there was no answer. His mother, sister, and extended family were fearing the worst. There was no news of Ali. A group of young men from the village went to search for him in hospitals in Beirut. They went to Geitawi Hospital three times that night and the answer was still the same: "he is not here". Later in the night, someone told them there are dead bodies under a yellow tent near the hospital. They went to check, and found Ali dead, among other dead bodies. He had a deep wound on the back of his head.

Ali went to earn a living in the morning, he came back dead less than 24 hours later. His mother and sisters are shocked and heartbroken, they cannot fathom what happened, they cannot imagine that "the man of the house" left forever.