Abdel Mouhib

Abdel Mouhib was born in Al-Soussa village, in Al-Boukamal in Deir Ez Zor in Syria, on April 3, 1997. He had three older brothers and five sisters, he was the family's provider as per his twin brother Mouayyad.

Abdel Mouhib and his twin were identical, they were inseparable. They shared the same room and the same mattress. They both worked at Bourj Hammoud municipality, but on different shifts.

However, Abdel Mouhib did not know that he was destined to die on the coastal road he travels every day to get back home from work.

Abdel Mouhib, who has been working in Lebanon for the past six years, went to work, as usual, on the 4th of August. He finished his shift in the afternoon, and headed home to Bourj Hammoud, near Saint Joseph church. But on his way home, he decided to visit his cousins who lived near the port, on the coastal highway. While he was still on his way, the explosion happened, and a wall from a store fell on his body.

It is true that twins feel each other's pain, and Mouayyad felt a tightening in his chest and a pain in his heart when he heard the explosion. He knew his brother travels that highway to visit his cousins sometimes.

Mouayyad rushed to the road, and found his brother under the rubble. “He remained on ground until 2:00 AM, and no ambulance would take him to the hospital”, Mouayyad recalls that painful night: “As soon as I arrived, I was shouting for help, and the civil defense told me he was already dead, and they are not authorized to evacuate his body. The Lebanese Red Cross also examined him and confirmed the death, but they could not transfer him before the clearance of internal security officers.”

Abdel Mouhib –the young man full of life-, was buried in Bekaa-Lebanon, as it was impossible to transfer his body to his hometown.

The 4th of August explosion destroyed Abdel Mouhib's hopes and dreams, as well as his plan of getting married and starting a family.

Abdel Mouhib died suddenly, leaving behind a devastated mother and a heartbroken father who haven’t seen their son for the past six years.