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August 4th 2020

Beirut 607 is an initiative to document the stories of the Beirut Port explosion victims through their loved ones. The website serves as an interactive database and as a site of conscience dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives in the tragic event of the 4th of August 2020.


"Beirut 607: Alive Ashes": A book filled with love and pain, documenting the stories of the victims who were killed on the 4th of August, 2020.

In the light of the Beirut Port explosion, where 219 lost their lives, thousands lost their health and property due to the negligence of government officials, The Socio-Economic Justice Initiative- MAAN initiated a memorialization book "Beirut 607 Alive Ashes" aimed at keeping the memory of the victims alive regardless of religion, race, nationality, or any other factor through, documentating their life stories. These stories were collected from the relatives of the victims, through highly competent individuals, specialized in journalism and psychology.

The book is now available at MAAN's Office located in Hamra and Librairie Antoine's branches, all sales shall go towards funding advocacy activities for the Beirut Port Explosion Victim's Families Association.

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Women of the blast

Beirut Port Explosion: Deepening the Suffering of Women and Crushing the Last Opportunities for Foreign Workers

The devastating Beirut explosion, on 4 August 2020, shook the entire city, killing around 220 people, injuring at least 6,500, and displacing 300,000 people. An estimated 150,000 women and girls have been displaced by the blast that devastated Beirut on 4 August, and among the many vulnerable groups, people with disabilities and migrant workers are turning out to be the most affected.

The Lebanese economic crisis and political deadlock highlighted the catastrophic inequality. According to the "World Economic Forum's Report on the Gender Gap," Lebanon ranked 145 out of 153 countries. The reasons behind that are the low rates of women's economic and political participation, as well as the patriarchal social and cultural norms. Unfortunately, the economic crises along with the tragedy of the explosion halted the progress on gender issues.

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Victim's story: Abbas Mazloum

On October 27, 2021, Abbas Mazloum became a new victim of the Port explosion, after a long torment with an injury that left him paralyzed in bed.

We at the The Socio-economic Justice initative- MAAN had this interview with him, and we are publishing it today as a tribute to his pure soul.

The interview was conducted by our colleague Diaa Muzaffar

Filmed and edited by Elie Murr



people killed


Injuries : at least


Displaced: at least


Billion USD Est. Damages