Ahmad Alkaadan

Ahmad AlKaadan, the thirty-year old, green eyed cab driver, always wore a smile on his face. He was planning to get engaged at the end of August 2020, after a long love story that lasted for years. Ahmad waited his fiancée for eight years to pursue her education. Nothing was going to get between them… until death did them apart, leaving his bride heartbroken.

Ahmad was known to be kind, loving, and polite. Everyone, young and old, loved him, and his neighborhood is filled with his photos at every corner.

He was a hard worker, and always went out of his way, with whatever little resources he had, to help others in need. Ahmad was an only son, and he had three sisters he was very close to. His father describes him as "the family's backbone and breadwinner". In fact, Ahmad had given up on his education to be able to financially support his parents, provide for his family, and coveri the bills.

Ahmad wanted to join the public office, he tried his luck with the general security and state security departments, but did not make it. He wanted to start his own business, but his financial situation made it impossible. Thus, he worked as an accountant in a bakery, but he lost his job as a result to the worsening economic situation in Lebanon. He rented a cab and worked as a cab driver, making around 1,200,000 LBP a month.

On August 4, 2020, while his mother was preparing his favourite French fries for dinner, after a long day he spent on the road between Beirut and the Bekaa and back, Ahmad was in Gemmayze street picking up a cake delivery. It was 6:07 PM, Ahmad was still in his car, when the explosion happened. Building debris fell on his car, causing him a head injury.

His father rushed to check on him, his heart squeezing from pain and anxiety. Ahmad looked his father in the eye, he wanted to tell him one last thing, but he couldn’t say a word. Blood poured from his mouth and he passed away.

The cab is still parked in front of his house, covered in respect of his mother's feelings. Ahmad is even missed by the streets of Beirut where he spent most of his days.

Ahmad passed away six days before his birthday, leaving behind a family, a lover, and a jasmine tree he wanted to plant in his own little garden. Instead his mother planted it at his grave, where she and his father visit him every day.