Ahmad Mohamad Omeira

26-year old Ahmad was born in Syria, he grew up in Maysaloun, Ladkieh, where he lived with his family. He left his hometown at 21 to work in Lebanon, and improve his economic conditions.

He arrived to Beirut and started working onboard a sea ship –Abou Karim 3- at the Port of Beirut. He wanted to earn some money, and avoid the military service in Syria. He planned for the day he would go back to his family and to the love of his life, Diana. Diana and Ahmad had been in love with each other for ten years, when he was still a 16-year old, and she a 14-year old. But their love story was not an easy one, the lovers faced harsh disapproval from their parents.

However, and despite all odds, Ahmad and Diana never gave up. They fought to be together, and Ahmad sent his family to ask her hand in marriage while he was working aboard the ship in Lebanon, and she was still in Syria. They celebrated their engagement through a video call.

Later, the fiancés tied the knot the same way. Ahmad tried to bring Diana to live with him onboard the “Abou Karim 3” vessel where he worked. His bride arrived to Beirut on November 14, 2018, to be wedded to her dear groom, after years of separation.

Ahmad was a kind, loving husband, who never hurt his wife or caused her pain through the little time they could live together. Their sweet little family arrangement did not last long, Diana had to move back to Syria two months later, while she was pregnant with their daughter Duaa who did not have the chance to meet her dad.

Diana will never forget the sixty days she spent with her husband, and will forever cherish their memories deep in her heart.

The night before the August 4 explosion, Ahmad and Diana stayed up until 7:00 AM, talking on the phone to each other. When she woke up on the afternoon of August 4, she tried to call him but there was no network.

She read the news of an explosion at the Port of Beirut, and tried calling her husband again to no avail.

At 3:00 AM on August 5, Ahmad’s friend called the family to inform them about his passing. It was a shock, and Diana could not believe the news. She called Baabda Governmental Hospital where he was evacuated, and it was indeed true. Someone from the morgue sent her a photo of her husband’s dead body.

On August 7, 2020, Ahmad arrived to his home country in a coffin. His heartbroken wife still lives in the hope that she will hear his voice again.