Alexander Manesliane

Alexander would have never thought that the import and export office he worked from in the port of Beirut would be completely destroyed and reduced to rubble at 6:07 PM, on August 4, 2020.

Fortunately for him, he left work earlier than usual on that day because of a diagnosed case of Covid-19 at the office. Alexander went to his house in Mar Mikhael and took a nap, as the weather was too hot for him to go out. He was awakened by an explosive sound around 6:00 PM. At first, he thought it to be an Israeli missile attack on Beirut, as did most people living close-by.

At the time of the second blast at 6:07 PM, Alexander was still in his room. He lay down in fear, and he was hit by flying objects across his room, causing him some minor wounds, however, he was left with a permanent wound that would never heal, as he entirely lost his hearing in his left ear due to the intense pressure from the second explosion.

Yet, Alexander never lost hope and he visited multiple doctors, some of whom promised him a full recovery after six months, unfortunately, two years later, it is now confirmed that his loss of hearing is permanent.

Alexander currently lives in Germany and works at a Bosch factory; he decided two years after that horrific date to leave the country that robbed him of his hearing, and almost took his life and that of his loved ones, just like it treacherously killed more than 200 innocent victims.