Ali Abdo Ayoub

Ali was the youngest member of his family, but the most responsible among his siblings. He grew up in Aicha Bakkar, the Beiruti neighborhood where he was born in mid-1975.  He was not spoiled as would the youngest in a family usually be. On the contrary, he was always given additional responsibilities. Ali was passionate, whole-hearted, dynamic and tactful. Everyone would count on him in problem solving and conflict resolution.

He was very organized and punctual, he never complained. Ali's approach was always calculated and reasonable.

Ali went to school in Aicha Bakkar, then enrolled in Beirut Arab University to major in Civil Engineering. He also had a special interest in alternative medicine.

His education and social qualities led his siblings to trust his advice, especially in family and social matters.

His siblings immigrated from Lebanon in the early nineties when Ali was still a university student. Thus, he became solely responsible for his parents, at an early age. Later on, he traveled to KSA for work, then moved to Dubai, but did not find a good opportunity within his area of expertise, and worked in a petroleum company instead. He could not find himself in that position, which led him to come back to Lebanon, where he worked with a Lebanese Italian company specializing in kitchen works. His position was up to his expectations and he settled really well.

On the 4th of August, communication was lost with Ali. He was in a restaurant in Gemmayze with his wife and in-laws. He was injured by the explosion, and was still alive when his siblings arrived onsite, around 7:30 PM. He was on the ground, covered by rubble. They rushed him from one hospital to the other, chaos was everywhere. They finally arrived to the Emergency Room in Clemenceau Medical Center, his pulse had weakened. Five minutes later, the doctor informed them he passed away.