Alice Balian

Alice lived alone after the passing of her family and husband. She worked in haute couture tailoring for almost her entire life. According to her neighbour and closest friend, Leon, who had known her for the past forty years, Alice lived with her mother and sister in very difficult living and economic conditions. She and her sister worked in the haute couture tailoring industry. They both lived with their mother in Rmeil – Medawwar.

With years' worth of experience, Alice, who was a very skilled dressmaker, travelled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to make good money. She came back to Lebanon and got married quite late. Her husband died, as well as her mother and sister, and she became completely alone.

Alice was generous and giving when she was making good money, but she wasn’t very lucky, and her financial situation worsened over the years. Leon invited her over to his house three times a week since she had no relatives whatsoever.

On the 4th of August, Alice's house was completely destroyed. Leon tried to look for her in her house ruins but did not find her. He thought she was visiting some friends.

However, Alice was at the house, trapped under a wall that fell over her body. Rescue teams found her sometimes later and evacuated her to the hospital.

Leon and other neighbours spent the next four days looking for her in hospitals across Lebanon, and finally found her in a hospital in Bekaa-Machghara, She had succumbed to her wounds.