Amer Hussein

Amer was born in 1995 in a village in the district of Baniyas in Syria. He grew up in his birth town where he attended primary school, before he dropped out to join the workforce at a very young age. He was a nice, bright little kid.

Amer moved to Lebanon fleeing the difficult economic and financial conditions in his home country. He met Tamer Ali in June 2018 and they became best friends, they worked and lived together onboard sea ships at the Port of Beirut.

He moved between different oil distribution tankers. He was always a decent, trustworthy, and loyal young man who worked long hours without complaining, to earn a decent living.

Amer would travel once every nine months to visit his family and fiancée Sarah back in Syria, and he would stay for three months at a time. But in the last year he couldn’t make it due to travel restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic all over the world. Yet, he was excited he was finally going to be married to Sarah, pretty soon.

During his time in Lebanon, he was planning a happy life together, and she was eagerly waiting for him to build a future so bright there will be no place for darkness, especially that Amer was a loving, caring and kind hearted man. Unfortunately, her dreams remained just that, unfulfilled dreams…

On August 4, 2020, Amer was onboard "Amadeo II" going about his day, then, at 6:07 PM, a huge explosion lifted the ship out of the water and destroyed its façade. The scene resembled one right out of a war movie, with blinding dust, silence, and a smell of death.

The search for Amer extended for twenty agonizing days. His photos were all over social media, with the photos of those who went missing amidst death and destruction. His family's only hope was for him to come back.

After lots of communication with family friends in Lebanon, Amer's body was found at Rafic Hariri University Hospital. His father traveled to Beirut to confirm the body's identity through DNA testing. He went back home, heartbroken, carrying his son's dead body.

Amer left this earthly world, but his smile will forever accompany his parents, and will forever fill Sarah's heart.