Diana (Anahid) Wahram Papazian

Diana (Anahid) Wahram Papazian

There is always something to say about Anahid, known as Diana, a woman that is still physically healthy and fit, despite her ninety-five years of age. She was a reasonable woman, elegant, forgiving, god fearing, loving, and full of life.

Anahid was the daughter of Wahram and Anette Papazian. She had two brothers, Robert and Harold, and a sister Yolande. She studied at the Armenian school in Clemenceau, but could not pursue a university degree at the time. She married her soul mate, Antoine Mouawad, and stayed with him in Lebanon when her family immigrated to the United States. With him, she faced life's ups and downs, and devoted her life to her small family, after the birth of her only daughter, Anette, named after her mother. She raised her daughter on the love of God, and was, herself, always praying.

The family lived in an apartment in Rmeil, directly facing the Port of Beirut. In that same apartment, on the sixth floor, Diana she watched the fire at the Port of Beirut, through her window, alongside her daughter and grandson. The huge blast rocked the capital and sent shock waves in the building she lived in. Diana was knocked to the ground that was covered with shards of glass.

The intensity of that explosion that wreaked havoc in all neighboring areas delayed Diana's evacuation. Her daughter got her evacuated to Mount Lebanon Hospital, three hours later. She received first aid, and her hand, wounded with glass debris, was stitched. The attending doctor discharged her from the hospital and prescribed her antibiotics to avoid any potential infection. But she was soon admitted again, a week later, to Saydet Zgharta – University Medical Center.

Diana, who had continuously challenged life throughout the years, woke up after the explosion unable to walk or stand up; infection spread throughout her body, and she passed away on August 22, on the birthday of her late husband.

A funeral mass was held for her soul to rest in peace, on the 23rd of August, in our Lady of Assumption church in Sebaal. Her body now lies in peace in her family’s cemetery.