Anette Khatchikian

Anette was born in Ashrafieh – Rmeil, and attended school in Bourj Hammoud.

Beautiful and peaceful Anette had a close relationship with her family and neighbors. She was very close to her brother and his little family, they miss her tremendously. She worked in a boutique for more than twenty years.

Anette wanted to become a mother more than anything in the world. She wanted to have her own child, to give him all the love in her heart. Not having children was probably her only heartbreak. But she never lost her faith, and she was sure her wish did not come true because God knows best.

On the 4th of August, Anette was home with her aunt who lived with her. The explosion shattered their glass windows throwing shards of glass all over their bodies. Her aunt was injured, but Anette suffered from a stronger hit to the head. She was evacuated to Hotel Dieu Hospital, from there to Geitawi Hospital, then to a hospital in Zahle, where she entered a three weeks coma, and passed away.