Ardel Maglangit

It wasn't ever easy or fair for 43-year old Ardel; a lifetime of sacrifice for her family. She is one of many women who had to leave their loved ones, and travel to Lebanon to work as housekeepers to improve their financial conditions. Ardel definitely deserved a better future, yet she lost her life to a tragic bloody explosion that killed so many innocent people, including herself; it wasn't enough that she was already paying a price so high, being so far from her family.

Ardel was born in a modest family in the Philippines. She was the daughter of Ricardo and Lorna, and had nine siblings. She was married to Rogelio Maglangit, and they had three children, Rhodel (24), Nikki (22), and Jehan (17). Ardel found her way to Lebanon, similar to many of her compatriots, to create better life opportunities for her family.

She arrived to Lebanon in 2012, leaving her husband and three children; her youngest was only nine, but Ardel was compelled to provide for her family.

Ardel was a common girl; she graduated from De La Salle University, and she was a strong woman with a beautiful voice. A voice that will be the only tangible memory her daughter Jehan will hang on to, as she was deprived of her mother's love when she needed it most. Ardel only visited her family twice between 2012 and 2020, in 2016 and 2019, for a month each time. However, her daughters still saw her a perfect supportive mom. Ardel always spread positive vibes around, and she was an amazing friend. She was serious when needed, and always fun.

Despite her difficult financial situation, Ardel was always up-to-date on the fashion front. Moreover, she was generous and honorable, and she was always there to support her family and their needs, regardless the long distance between them. She was a responsible person, a brave soul, and a great cook.

On August 4, 2020, Ardel was at her employers' home in Mar Mikhael, finishing her daily chores. Suddenly, an explosion sent shock waves through the city, destroying the apartment she lived in. She was trapped under a door and covered with glass shards; a piece of glass stuck in her head, causing an extreme hemorrhage that killed her.

Ardel's journey in Lebanon ended in tragedy; her return home, a return she always anticipated, was heartbreaking.