Asmahan Sarrouf Bou Rjeily

Asmahan, the daughter of Milad and Leila Sarrouf, and the sister of Elie, Assaad, Joumana and Jinan, was born on January 20, 1977. She was a certified fashion designer, but she did not work in her specialty. She worked in customs and cargo clearance at the Port of Beirut.

Asmahan, or "Aso" as she was called by her loved ones, was an amazing wife. Her husband Degaule Bou Rjeily, talks about the perfect mom she was to their daughters Sara, Pia Maria and Joya Maria. She was kind hearted, sweet, positive, and forever optimistic. She helped the poor as much as she could, and she was always thankful for God's blessings. At work, she was reputable, modest and the image of devotion.

On that dreadful August 4 afternoon, Asmahan was home with her husband and daughter Joya (5). They lived in Gemmayze, directly facing the Port of Beirut's grain silos When the first fire started, her husband ran to the balcony to check its whereabouts, but the first explosion flew him off the ground, and he fell back down… A few seconds later he was covered with rubble, he heard his daughter screaming, and his wife crying. He dug himself out, and called the concierge for help. He resuscitated his daughter and tried to save Asmahan. She responded at first, but her condition deteriorated really fast afterwards, and she breathed her last breath in his arms.

Degaule couldn't bear it, and he passed out until the next day where he woke up in Saint Georges Hospital in Ajaltoun. He started looking for Asmahan in hospitals in Beirut and all over Lebanon, until he found her dead body in Rasoul Al-Aazam Hospital. According to the coroner's report, she died of a severe hemorrhage.