Ayman Obeid

On august 15, 1994, Ayman was born to Jassem and Aisha Obeid in Al-Raqqa in Syria, where he grew up with four brothers and three sisters. He was married to Malak Moustapha Al-Hmoud, and their daughter was born four days after his passing.

Ayman graduated from school in his home town, he then studied Islamic religion for two years before traveling to Lebanon in 2013, after the emergence of armed terrorist groups in his hometown.

In Lebanon, he settled with his wife in Burj El-Barajne Camp and started working as a delivery boy at Kababji restaurant – Jal el Dib branch. Ayman was the main provider for his wife and family, despite the distance.

He was kind, generous, loving, and patient. Moreover, he was a very religious young man who was committed to his religious duties, always grateful for God's blessings. He was waiting his first child, a daughter, he was counting the days, the hours, and the minutes, looking forward to meet her. Unfortunately, death took his life four days before her arrival.

On august 4, 2020, Ayman was at the restaurant, on his 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM shift. At 6:00 PM he was delivering an order to Mar Mikhael, and two minutes before the explosion he called his brother in law who worked in the same restaurant in Mar Mikhael branch to ask about the delivery address since he knew the area much better, but everything blew up. He screamed "Mother" and the call was cut short. His brother in law tried to call him back but he couldn’t get hold of him. He walked out to his location and found him on the ground, his head heavily bleeding. He immediately evacuated him to Al-Rasoul Al-Aazam Hospital, because he wouldn’t be admitted in nearby extremely damaged hospitals. Ayman arrived a dead body to the hospital, and according to the coroner's report, he died of heavy bleeding caused by a head injury.