Ayman Moustapha Homsi

On January 10, 1991, Ayman was born to Moustafa and Ghazia Homsi, in the town of Izraa in the Daraa Governorate of Syria. He lived a quiet childhood along his parents and three siblings, Mohmad, Narimane and Nagham, and he hated arguments.

Like other kids his age, Ayman played in the streets of his town, and went to school until grade 6, when he was forced to drop out because of his family's tough living conditions.

The young boy faced the hardships of a man's life while he was still a 12-year old. He joined the workforce early on and had to give up on football – his favorite sport, to work with his uncle in his greengrocery.

Ayman completed his compulsory military service in Syria, but the country's security situation forced him to flee to Lebanon, seeking refuge, to be able to provide for his family.

Ayman worked two shifts: the first at a "foul" restaurant, and the second as a delivery boy. He was earning enough to survive and provide for his family in Syria.

In 2013, he visited his family for two weeks, but came back in fear of being called to fight in the war. In Lebanon, he married Razan El-Ali, and his mother traveled here to wish him happiness, and to see her son for the last time, as he couldn't plan another visit to his home country.

Recently, he was working at the "foul" restaurant in the morning, and at a sushi restaurant in Gemmayze in the evening. Despite his living conditions, Ayman was loving, sweet, and extremely generous, doing whatever he could to help others.

 The 4th of August disaster did not hit Lebanese alone, it did not distinguish between different nationalities. At the moment of the explosion, Ayman was at work in Gemmayze, which was greatly affected by the blast. Windows of the sushi restaurant he worked at, shattered and hit his body. He died immediately as he succumbed to his physical injuries, and he was transferred to Makassed Hospital's morgue.

His return to Syria was not planned as such. His family wanted to hug him tight after seven years away from each other, but instead, his body was covered with soil, ending 29 years of pain and refuge.