Ayman Noureddine

Three days after being promoted, Ayman was celebrating his two-star military rank.  The promotion ceremony took place at 2:15 PM, on the afternoon of August 4. Ayman was promoted to Lieutenant, and four hours later he died a Captain martyr.

As soon as the first fire erupted at the Port of Beirut where he works, Ayman rushed to help the firefighters extinguish the flames, sacrificing his own life.

Ayman, from Numeiriyeh in Southern Lebanon, was born on May 21, 1993. Educated and ambitious, he was an excellent school student, and a distinguished university and military school pupil.

Ayman was the youngest of his siblings, his parents' darling, they pampered him and he loved them very much.

Ayman loved being outdoors in nature, and he was very disciplined, a true scout from a very young age. In addition to his aforementioned qualities, Ayman had a lot of true friends he cherished very much, regardless their status or religion. He had lots of respect for his family, and would never do anything hurtful to anyone.

Ayman was very organized. He studied Information Technology for two years before joining the military school on December 3, 2014, graduating in 2017, ready to serve the country. Yet, his passion for learning did not stop, and he was completing his university degree online.

In the military, Ayman was known for his ethics, good reputation, impulsiveness, and loyalty to his duties.  His high academic achievement allowed him to join the Artillery Regiment.

In December 2019, he traveled to the United States of America for a six-month training program, and received the certificate of completion on his birthday. Back in Lebanon, he was stationed in Akkar, then he was transferred to Saida, to finally set sails in the Port of Beirut. He was thrilled for his new post that was close to his family home in Beirut. His family was also thrilled by the news that meant they'll be seeing more of him. Did he really feel, in his subconscious, that this happiness will be short-lived, and that his new position, will be the end of his young life?