Ayman Suleiman

Ever since he was a child, Ayman never liked being alone. He was always surrounded by friends. His love for life was unmatched. He breathed music and was most passionate about musical instruments. He had magical fingers and played the oud, the guitar, and the electronic keyboard, according to his wife "Shalimar Sinno".

Ayman was born in Ladkieh in 1988, finished school, and graduated as an agricultural engineer from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 2011. He inherited his love for agriculture from his parents, who were also agricultural engineers who have transformed their lands in Ladkieh into green landscapes screaming of life.

At the American University of Beirut, Ayman is still remembered as the young handsome and talented musician, who was the girls' favorite crush. And that is how he met Shalimar Sinno, also a student in the same university.

Ayman was nominated to perform in the university's Christmas celebration. He started looking for a beautiful voice to sing to his music. A friend told him about Shalimar, saying she had a beautiful voice. Ayman did not only become fond of her voice, but he liked her very much and talked to her about his feelings. Shalimar felt the same, and their beautiful love story began.

They got engaged for four years before tying the knot in 2015, and becoming the parents of two beautiful daughters.

Ayman wanted to buy a family house for his little family, and was trying hard to make it happen. And as fate works in mysterious ways, one day before the explosion, the paperwork for the family's new house was completed. They finally have their own home.

On the 4th of August, Shalimar was coming back to Beirut with her friends when she saw smoke above the Port of Beirut. When she arrived to Charles Helou Avenue, very close to Ayman's office, everything blew up. An earth-shattering sound, and the car was blown away and hit something… Shalimar touched herself and there was blood streaming down her face. She went to the hospital with her friends.

On her way there, Shalimar was trying to call Ayman to tell him what happened to her. It never occurred to her he could still be at the office. In fact, Ayman insisted to meet a client at 5:00 PM. After long hours of search, things began to point towards one possible theory. Shalimar's father told her her husband is at the hospital. She felt hopeful and went to see him. At the hospital, Ayman's brother told her in a heartbroken voice: "Ayman is forever gone."