Azadouni Malkoun

Her smile would spread joy in the hearts of her loved ones.

Azadoui, who was born in Iraq, used to spend her summers in Lebanon, where she finally settled after meeting Jean Kouyoumjian, with whom she shared the best and the worst of life. She had three daughters, to whom she taught virtue, hard work, and the importance of struggle.

She was that beautiful, elegant lady, who takes care of herself. She always wore her smile and optimism, and her spirit was full of will and perseverance. She was loving and generous, an exemplary housewife.

She did not abide by the French saying: “Sois belle et tais toi”. She was beautiful and strong, no one could break her will. People were always impressed with her strength, but also her kindness and her love of life. She always helped whoever came to her, and as she was brilliant in cooking, her table was always ready for guests.

She stood beside her ill husband, and withstood the pain and sadness with strength and courage. She remained strong despite the circumstances.

On the fourth of August, after the first explosion, Anoushka tried to contact her mother, who did not respond. She then thought that the explosion completely destroyed her house at Saifi. Anoushka went to the place to check on her mother, where she only found destruction. She climbed the staircase to the sixth floor where she found her mother and her helper who was trying to get her out from under the debris. Azadoui was hemorrhaging due to severe injuries, notably on her head and neck. Anoushka, Caroline, and Maria moved her down the building, heading towards St. Georges Hospital, which was unable to admit her. They then went to Hotel Dieu, where a nurse tried to give first aid to Azadoui on the pavement due to the state of the hospital. She was then moved to a hospital in Zalka where her head was stitches. Her injuries left her paralyzed and unable to speak.

On the advice of doctors, she was moved to Bhannes Hospital. Azadoui, who already fought cancer, could not bear the pain anymore. She passed away on the 9th of May 2021.

Azadoui went mute, however she cries to God’s justice for the blood of the 4th of August victims