Babylynn Serohijos

28-year old Babylynn left the Philippines, and traveled to Lebanon to work as a housekeeper, and provide for her family and two children. She sacrificed her own life for their future and well-being, leaving them in the custody of her parents and siblings.

Babylynn was the most exceptional member of her family, a backbone and a support system to everyone related to her. Despite being thousands of miles away from her children, she was their everything; especially since their father abandoned them, leaving Babylynn a single mother, responsibility of the children falling on her shoulders.

She was extremely beautiful, inside and out; she was loving, caring and very thoughtful. Babylynn the housekeeper was ever committed and dedicated to her job. And as fate had it, she was employed by a family in Achrafieh, close to the Port of Beirut. She dreamed of the day she would go back to her children, and wrap them in her arms forever, little did she know she would be losing her life in a most horrific event, before she could ever fulfill her wish.

Babylynn's family are heartbroken by her tragic death. Her children are still under the shock of her passing; she was both their mother and father. They are questioning what happened, and how cruelly they lost her, but their questions remain unanswered. Her young 11-year old daughter cries herself to sleep every single night, while her little 4-year old boy cannot understand what really happened to his mom who travelled seeking a better life for them, three years earlier, and returned a lifeless body.

On August 4, Babylynn was at her employer's, finishing her daily chores, when a huge explosion rocked the city of Beirut at 6:07 PM. Her kind heart could not withstand the enormity of the blast, and she suffered from a heart attack.

Lynn was evacuated to LAUMC, Rizk Hospital in Achrafieh, where she died a few days later. A death certificate was sent to her family in the Philippines.

Two weeks after the explosion, Babylynn 's dead body travelled on its last journey to her home country. Her family would have never imagined they would never see her alive again amongst them. Their grief shall last a lifetime.