Bissan Tibati

Bissan, the older sister of Hassan (2), was born in Ladkieh – Syria, on August 26, 2013. She moved with her family to Lebanon in 2015, after they lost all hope for life in their mother country.

The family lived in an apartment above a tire shop in the Port of Beirut neighborhood. Her father worked at the shop to provide for his family, and to afford quality education for his little Bissan who was extremely smart. He had so much hope for a bright future for his little daughter, but she left this world too early.

On that awful August 4 afternoon, Bissan's dad was working, as usual, in the shop under their house, while his wife and kids were home. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion. He ran to save his family from the destruction that left nothing in place. Their house was completely destroyed, and Bissan was on the floor, in a very critical condition.

He carried little Bissan who was covered in blood, and tried to find a way to take her to the nearest hospital to save her life. He did not have a car, and he asked a young man with a motorcycle to take them to the emergency room. They arrived to the first hospital, but they could not attend to the little girl and treat her wounds.  Then, they went to Clemenceau Medical Center.

A group of doctors examined Bissan, and reported that she had bruises and injuries all over her body; her condition was critical. The little girl stayed at the hospital, and her father exerted all efforts to save his 7-year old by donating blood, and making sure blood is always readily available when needed.

Little Bissan could not bear what the explosion did to her tiny body. Although she'd been fighting for her life for the last 7 days, she lost her battle after multiple medical complications. On the eighth day after the explosion, Bissan left this world forever.

Bissan lost her life, and her family lost their little girl. Their little smart happy child, as her father describes her: "I haven’t seen any little girl as smart as her."

Samer, Bissan's dad, and the rest of the family are living an unbearable pain, mourning the loss of their child. The only thing keeping them sane is their unbeatable faith in God's will.