Dima Abdel Samad

Dima Abdel Samad was the purest soul. Everything about her screamed of love, beauty, and harmony.

As a young girl, Dima was as free as a bird. She hated boring details and flattery, she rebelled against traditions, and always wanted to be unique, and stay true to herself.

She was very sensitive, and could not bear to see children crying from need or misery, she would always reach out to help ease their pain with whatever little money she had saved in her piggy bank.

Dima holds a Business Administration degree from the American University of Beirut. She had made so many friends throughout her university years, and despite the fact that they each chose their own path, Dima always kept in contact with everyone, calling and visiting each other. For them, she was a symbol of strength and hope. When one of her friends almost lost his life in a car accident, she regularly visited his bedside throughout his long hospital stay. She would say: "It is beautiful to remember our friends, but it is even more beautiful to keep them alive in our memories, to make memories with them."

Her meeting with dentist Anwar Kays was one happy coincidence. He didn’t wait much before he told her: "without you my heart shall be broken and sad." She smiled before she answered him: "there are smiles you should understand on your own."

Her children, Ibrahim and Yasmine cannot bear her loss. She was not just their loving mother, she was their reason to be, and the force behind their success. She understood their hopes as well as their fears. She carefully listened to them, and opened their eyes to new horizons.

52-year old Dima was visiting her father at the hospital when everything turned upside down. A scene fresh out of a horror movie, death taking those closest to our hearts. Dima went into a coma for eighty days, and unfortunately passed away. She was betrayed by her country… Her loving face rests in peace.