Elie Boulos

Elie Boulos was born in Zgharta on May 15, 1991, with a physical disability. He suffered throughout his young life as he was abandoned by his father and sister who left him confined to his house in Achrafiye, according to Thérèse Dominique, a friend of the family for the last 13 years.

Thérèse who takes care of “Lello” is a “Saint” as per Victoria, Elie’s mother who traveled to France, trying to find an opportunity for her son to join her, but she still didn’t succeed to do so.

Before “Beirutshima”, Elie was marginalized as a physically disabled person in Lebanon, and he did not attend school until the year 2010 when he enrolled in Al-Kafaat specialized programs. He learned colors, and with the help of Thérèse, he was able to carry on a few basic tasks to cater to his needs. Yet, on August 4, 2020, the real tragedy began.

After the explosion, his mental state worsened, and although he could barely communicate with others beforehand, his physical and emotional condition further deteriorated and he started exhibiting extreme crying and screaming episodes, and he feared loud sounds.

Financially, his treatment costs increased due to the economic fallout in the country, creating additional burdens for Victoria and Thérèse who mentioned that “we live off the food provided by NGOs, and we depend on monthly financial support”. She adds that Elie’s treatment is expensive and can reach up to 6 Million LBP per month.

Elie’s mother calls for the implementation of his rights and demands the truth about the crimes that added to her son’s hardship. She continues to fight for him and supports him in every way she can, as “he deserves to live in dignity.”