Elie Nouhad Nawfal

Elie was born in Zouk Mikael, and went to Collège Saint Joseph in Aintoura. After his graduation, he enrolled in Saint Joseph University to major in Law. He earned his bachelor degree, travelled to France, and entered Sorbonne Université, to specialize in International Law. He did his internship in the United States.

Elie returned to Lebanon, the country he loved the most, to work along his father who was also a lawyer. He was driven, wise, and rational, he dealt with day to day complications with utmost positivity. Elie was optimistic, charismatic, and extremely friendly, he always spread positive energy.

His sister Aline describes him: “He was a real man. Elie provided much emotional support for my father’s work and achievements as the former Head of Municipality in Zouk Mikael. He worked hard, with hardly any clamor, and was trusted by everyone around him. Elie became a refuge for everybody with a problem. His involvement in public matters did not make him arrogant; instead, he remained the same modest adviser to anyone reaching out to him. He was the symbol of courage and honor.”

On that tragic day, Elie did not know it’ll be the last time he goes to the office, the last lunch break he spends with his family, or that the gym he goes to everyday at 6:00 PM will be the last place he will visit.

On August 4, at 6:00 PM, Elie arrived to the gym in Gemmayze… Seven minutes later, there was an earth-shattering explosion at the Port of Beirut. His family tried to call him after the blast, but he never answered his phone. They rushed to the gym, and they were shocked by the amount of destruction they witnessed. They couldn’t find him.

Seven hours later, his family found out he was at Makassed Hospital, unconscious, following a head trauma.

Elie was in a coma from August 4 till October 4.

For two months, he fought for his life. Yet, he left this world to a better one…