Estephan Rouhana

Estephan was a kind gentleman. He was happy and loving. His mother says she feels years are added to her life every time she sees him.

He was in love, and he wanted to marry the love of his life. He dreamed of buying her a house, but his dream was killed by a harsh reality.

Estephan was charismatic. He was friendly,and his smile would never leave his face. He was always happy helping others.

He enlisted with the Lebanese army eight years ago, and he met his best friend, Hassan Sadek. Hassan was by his side until their last moments alive, they left this world together.

Estephan was a risk taker. He was a rally-car driver, and a great swimmer, risking his life for the sports he was passionate about.

His sister always advised him to leave rally driving because she was scared for his life, and he would tell her: "my death will be different, I will die in a fire." What led him to say so? Did he know death was near, and that he will leave this earth in a huge explosion?

On August 4, 2020, Estephan woke up early and left the house, his mother was still sleeping. He didn’t ask her if she will ever be able to handle his loss. He didn’t tell her he had an appointment with death at the Port of Beirut. He didn’t tell her about the doomed country we live in.

When he decided on that afternoon to replace his colleague to be on guard duty with his friend Hassan, he didn’t know they will soon be on their final destination.

It was a few minutes past 6:00 PM when a huge fire found its way to a nearby Estephan, taking his life and that of his best friend.

26-year old Estephan may have left this earthly world, but he is alive in the hearts of his family and friends.