Fadi Hussein Rabih

Fadi was born on June 26, 1988, in Deir Ez-Zor in Syria, he spent his childhood in Al-Hawaij town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ez-Zor, where he completed middle school. Little Fadi, the ninth child in a family of fourteen children, was very polite and well-mannered.

Everyone who knew Fadi describes him as generous and loving. He made many friends in his hometown, and during his military service.

Fleeing poverty and war, Fadi moved to Lebanon in 2013. He settled in and got married four years later, in 2017. He is the father of four kids, the oldest among them under five.

On August 4, Fadi was working to provide food on the table for his family. While on his shift as a security officer for a building near the Port of Beirut, at 6:07 PM, a huge explosion blew warehouse number 12 at the port. The earth-shattering blast echoed all over Lebanon and in neighboring countries. It destroyed a large part of Beirut and killed hundreds who did not know what fate had planned for them. Fadi lost his life that evening, when a glass panel fell on him causing a head injury. Late that night Fadi's parents received the news of his death through a Facebook post shared by his friend.

The family was shocked when they heard the news. Deir Ez-Zor mourned the loss of Fadi. It was an unbearable pain.

Fadi's friends called his brother Yasser to receive his body at the borders between Lebanon and Syria, so he can be buried in the hometown he grew up in. At his funeral, friends and family were in denial, they could not believe his death. It was unbelievably unfair that a young 32-year old who fled war and injustice, to provide a better life for his family in Beirut, just came back home, a dead body.­­­