Farida El-Diri

The destructive August 4 explosion led to the death and injury of thousands of people in the vicinity of the port of Beirut, among whom are people that are still facing indescribable physical and emotional pain. This explosion was one of the worst humanitarian disasters in Lebanon’s history.
Among the injured is Farida who is still experiencing pain in the aftermath of the blast. Three years have gone by, but she still replays the events of that day on a daily basis. Every time she feels physical pain, she is reminded of that fateful afternoon, and her resentment towards those who caused it increases.
Her son recounts the painful details of that day: “it was a normal afternoon for my family, they were home when the fire erupted at the port of Beirut.” Farida stood by the window with her husband watching the smoke. She felt like something was going to happen, and tried to stay away from the window, but as soon as she stepped back, a huge explosion rocked the city, and Farida was pushed to the ground. Yet, her love for her husband motivated her to overcome her pain to help him.
Farida’s children came to their rescue, but she could not walk with them. She sat next to her building waiting for help, until someone evacuated her to the hospital. The doctors told her that she sustained an injury to her legs, and that despite treatment, she had developed a permanent limp.
Her son continues: “my mom lives on painkillers, she still undergoes treatment, but the government’s coverage remains unavailable.”

Despite all odds, Farida was able to overcome this difficult experience, but she left her house and currently resides with her daughter. Her home constantly reminds her of the explosion and she still needs a permanent caregiver. Her physical condition improved, but she still suffers from recurring pain until this day.