Fawzi Koleilat

Fawzi was born in Beirut, Corniche el Mazraa, then his family moved to Ras el Nabaa, and from there to Tariq el Jdide. He grew up an orphan in Beirut neighborhoods. He lost his mother when he was a 4-year old, and his father when he was nine. His older brother raised him.

He started working night shifts at 12 years old, and he would go to school during the day. He made curtains, and worked in fabric dyes, but there was a huge competition with foreign workers taking over the industry with cheap prices and labor. Therefore, Fawzi was forced to quit his line of work. He was lately employed at Medgulf, in Hazmiye.

The 60-year old dad was very good at fixing things. He was very close to his children -four daughters and two sons. He was loving, generous, and devoted to his family, as much as he would die for them. Fawzi was their protector, he would always worry for their future and wellbeing, despite the fact that he was getting older.

Fawzi was just, thus earning the respect and appreciation of everyone who knew him.

On August 4, Fawzi left work at 5:00 PM, and as usual, he went down town to drink coffee in the building right next to Annahar building, where he used to sit, relax and feed the pigeons. But death had chosen him at 6:07 PM, and he could not say goodbye to his loved ones.

Following the blast, two hundred kilograms of glass fell all over his body, cutting his neck arteries and injuring different parts of his body. Fawzi was agonizing for more than two hours; no one could give him first aid, or evacuate him to the hospital. He unfortunately died on his way to Najjar Hospital, a few hours later.