Gaia Fadoulian

Gaia grew up in Rabieh, her hometown. She was the youngest –pampered– child of Ara and Annie Fadoulian.

Gaia, the spirited and extremely dynamic young girl, was a spark of joy breathing life in their family home. Wherever she would go, life would be celebrated with music.

Gaia was passionate about music and fashion. Her beautiful face and fine blonde hair would shine as would the sun on the brightest days of summer. She was the perfect image of feminine beauty.

She completed her degree in Fashion Design at the "Institut Moderne du Liban" in Fanar, after which her family moved to live in Achrafieh, and Gaia travelled to Switzerland to pursue her dreams and love for fashion and design. She specialized in product design, then moved to Milan where she completed her master's degree in Italian Luxury Products. She came back to Lebanon after that, seeking to find a job in her area of expertise.

Gaia was deceived by the economic situation in Lebanon. However, she did not lose hope in her project. She worked for three years at the Leticia Gallery in Hamra, before quitting in February, to pursue her own design business.

Gaia's dream to become a mother also remained incomplete. That dreadful August stole away the dreams of many.

On August 4, she was home in Achrafieh when the explosion happened. Her sister Mariana called home to check on her family as soon as she heard the blast. Her mother was screaming, “Gaia Gaia!”

Mariana ran on foot and walked up ten floors to save her sister. Her parents' house was completely destroyed; her sister was unconscious. She directly noticed blood spots under the skin above her sister's eye, she knew she was suffering from internal bleeding. A few young men carried Gaia to Saint George Hospital that was equally destroyed, and there was no emergency care available. After around one and a half hours, Gaia was transferred, in an ambulance, to Abou Jaoude Hospital, she was still breathing. Onsite she started bleeding from her nose and mouth. She was taken in for emergency treatment. Forty-five minutes later Gaia passed away.

Gaia's family received her body three days later, they bid farewell to her smile and humanity. Luckily she would pass on some of those qualities to those who completely lack it.