Georges Madi

Georges Madi was a Lebanese immigrant whose history was full of achievements. His father was one of the first Lebanese to migrate to The Gambia, the rich African country that was a gold mine for many Lebanese wiling to change their lives.

Georges was born in The Gambia seventy-eight years ago. He grew up in the African country until his father sent him to board school in Lebanon with his siblings. In Lebanon, he earned his degree in Economics.

He was fond of his village in the district of Akkar, North Lebanon. He would rejoice at the sight of its people. Everyone loved the man who offered a helping hand to the poor and needy!

Despite his busy schedule, Beirut had a special place in his heart. He would always spend time in his apartment on the twentieth floor of a residence tower in Achrafieh.

Georges loved meeting his friends for coffee. Spending time with them was the highlight of his days, he didn’t know he will be losing this privilege soon enough.

Georges was punctual,organized, and creative. He was at the heart of the Lebanese diaspora in The Gambia, and he held the Gambian nationality. Moreover, he was awarded the title of the Honorary Consul General for Japan in The Gambia, by the Japanese government, in appreciation for his efforts in improving the relations between Japan and The Gambia. Yet, despite the aforementioned, Lebanon always had a special place in his heart, for him it was the very meaning of humanity. Georges would always say "Lebanon is an unmatched country, Lebanese are brave risk takers, and I am proud to be one of them."

For his wife and family, Georges was the very meaning of life. Despite his old age, there was a child in his eyes and heart. He was peaceful in his everyday life.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic spreading in Lebanon, Georges preferred to stay home and stay safe, leaving his business management to his coworkers. Little did he know he would die in his home.

On the horrific August 4, 2020, Georges was sitting in his chair watching the sea through the glass façade of his apartment, when a huge explosion rocked Beirut, sending shock waves through the capital, and taking his life. Shards of glass cut through his body, and took his life. Yet, his legacy shall live…