Georges Demiani

Georges grew up in his birth town in Tripoli and attended school until grade 10, when he was offered a full time job at a bank, which led him to drop out of school to focus on his career.

Georges was an ideal father. He was liked by everyone who knew him, and was famous for being generous to the extent that he would invite people over for lunch or dinner, almost every day. He was modest and had a great respect for others. "Abou Roberto" had lots of friends and impressively loved life.

On August 4, 2020, Georges was recovering in Saint George Hospital after a surgery he underwent twenty-one days earlier. On that morning, the hospital called his son Roberto and informed him his father will be transferred from the intensive care unit to a regular room. Roberto drove from Tripoli to Beirut to visit his father who was still in intensive care, his transfer was scheduled for the next morning. Roberto drove back to Tripoli, and was supposed to come back again to be with his father on Wednesday morning.

On his way back, Roberto did not take the Port of Beirut road as he usually did, but drove through the Adlieh road, and it was almost 6:00 PM. A huge explosion shattered all of Beirut, but it never occurred to him that his father, who was safe at the hospital, could be affected or wounded by the blast.

At 8:00 PM, he arrived home and turned on the news. He tried to call his father's doctor, as well as the hospital, but there was no answer. He tried to calm down until the next morning, when he was informed by a friend that his father passed away. However, George's body was evacuated from Saint George Hospital after the explosion.

Roberto sent a funeral car looking for his father's corpse in different hospitals, and he was located in Siblin Governmental Hospital. He was then transferred to a hospital in North Lebanon to identify the body. Georges was covered in blood from the shards of glass that fell all over his body. His wounds suggest that he was thrown off his bed by the force of the explosion. His fate was similar to that of every other patient at the hospital's intensive care unit.