Georges El Wezz

Georges was born on August 5, 1966, in Achrafieh, to a Lebanese mother and a Syrian father. He attended school until grade three, but he could not pursue his education because of his difficult economic and financial situation back then.

Georges did not get married, he was the only provider for his mother, and a father figure to his siblings. He was kind, loving, and generous.

However, he greatly suffered, like many in the same situation, for being born to a Lebanese mother and a foreign father. He lived his whole life in Lebanon, butdid not receive the Lebanese nationality that he considers a right for himself and his siblings. He was looking forward the endorsement of a new nationality and citizenship law, where a mother should have the right to pass on her Lebanese nationality and citizenship to her children. Georges only knew Lebanon as a home, he was a Lebanese at heart, despite the Syrian nationality he held his whole life.

On August 4, 2020, Georges was standing on the roof of the building where his brother Boutros lives. Boutros heard the sound of airplanes flying over and asked him to come down. Georges was marching down when a huge blast rocked all of Beirut, blowing him from his place, causing him to hit his head to the wall. Georges remained conscious, and screamed his lungs out, his face was so pale. He was not taken to the hospital, and his brother tried to calm him down. He stayed home and lay down to rest. At 10:00 PM his mother found him on the floor, she called his brother for help. Boutros took him to Saint Joseph Hospital where he was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. He was suffering from an internal hemorrhage.

Georges survived until the next day, his family had their hopes up, and  they wanted to celebrate his recovery, as well as his birthday, which is on August 5. But on that same day, Georges passed away, he could not celebrate his 54th birthday…