Georges Saad

Georges was born on September 13, 1968 in Ammik – Chouf, and moved with his family to Achrafieh, where he grew up and went to school. However, he dropped out of school and joined the Lebanese army at the age of eighteen.

Georges is married, with two children. He wanted his children to earn a university degree, and he wanted to grow old with them. He also wanted to improve his financial situation.

After his retirement, he worked as a taxi driver. Moreover, he was passionate about fishing, and tried to increase his income doing the thing he loved the most.

On that fateful day of August, Georges was with two of his friends, enjoying his favorite hobby, on dock number 7. When the fire erupted, his friend Nicolas left the dock, while he and Elie were packing their stuff to follow him, but the explosion was faster. Elie was flown over the dock, and Georges got stuck under the car. Their friend Nicolas came back to check on them. They were still alive, and he found an ambulance to take them to the hospital. They were both evacuated to Al-Makassed Hospital.

After the explosion, Georges family tried to call him and Elie, but to no avail. They called Nicolas who, in the midst of all the chaos, could not recall the name of the hospital they were taken to.

Elie's son called Georges' family and told them he was at Al-Makassed Hospital. Georges’ son and son in law went to the hospital to find out he passed away due to pulmonary failure.