Gretta Atallah Khoury

Gretta was born in Zahle, in 1947, to a conservative Maronite family, she was the second of six siblings. Gretta lost her mom at nineteen, and thus, became responsible for her brothers and sisters at a young age. She graduated from College Saint Joseph des Soeurs Antonines.

She was married to Roland Khoury and they had four children, Emile, Jessy, Celine and Cynthia. She dearly loved her children and grandchildren, she was their chief support in everything. She was the rock everyone could lean over, especially that she lost her husband early on, and dedicated her life for her children. She tried to fill the void in their lives with her reason, patience, and love. She raised them to be god-fearing and religious, and she would rarely miss the Sunday mass.

Gretta was tall and beautiful. She was exceptional, and despite the difficult situations she'd been through, she remained positive, and always smiled. She was smart and strong. In spite of the obstacles she faced every day, she stood still. Gretta was impulsive, generous, and courteous, she had an unmatched love for life.

On August 4, 2020, Jessy, Gretta's daughter, was in her home in Adma when she heard about the explosion. She called her mother's phone to check on her, and she noticed there was a missed call from her mother. She thought that meant her mom was fine, and she started calling her siblings, but Gretta was not fine. She was found wounded and bleeding, a wall fell all over her body. She was evacuated from the fifth floor to Saint George Hospital, but the latter looked more like a war zone. She wasn’t given any first aid treatment for lack of medical supplies and oxygen. She was then taken to Hotel Dieu Hospital, but she was agonizing. She was laid on the floor, a medical team rushed to check on her, but she was already gone.