Hadi Assaf

Hadi was born on August 9, 1999, he was the eldest son of Hassan and Hoda Assaf, and he grew up with his brother, Abbass. Hadi was impulsive, polite, educated, and honorable. He was a smart, brilliant student.

His excellent academic standing encouraged him to give the faculty of medicine a shot, and eventually become a doctor. Thus, he enrolled at the Lebanese University – Faculty of Science, and completed his first three years with distinction.

Hadi was one of the faculty's best students, he was passionate about learning, which he prioritized over anything else. His stepmother, Iman, who raised him like her own, says: "he wanted to have a positive impact in people's lives. He always helped others. He spent days and nights studying, he had no time for fun or pleasure. He was devoted to his education."

Three months earlier, Hadi was the victim of a stray bullet that hit him in the head, and put him in a coma, at Lebanese Hospital Geitawi. Hadi woke up from his coma on the third of August, fully recovered and in good health. His doctor informed the family their son was doing well, and would be transferred to Bhannes Hospital to start his physical therapy protocol. His medical file was ready, and his transfer was set for august 5. But between the 3rd and the 5th, the unthinkable happened. An explosion wreaked havoc through the capital, completely damaging the Lebanese Hospital Geitawi, shattering its windows, destroying furniture and equipment. Shards of glass cut through Hadi's body, and he was evacuated to Al-Rasoul Al-AAzam Hospital, on the morning of august 5, after his condition dramatically deteriorated, and there was no oxygen available to treat him; He also inhaled the suffocating smoke from the nearby explosion site.

Nine days later, Hadi's heart stopped beating, mainly as a result to the shock he lived during the blast.  He died five days after his twenty first birthday, and before he could realize his dream of becoming a doctor.