Hadi Sukkar

Hadi was born in Bcharre, in 1943. The eldest of his siblings, he was most famous for his ethics and good standing. He left Bcharre, and settled between Beirut and Dbaye, where his family home was located. His only relationship to his hometown was the few lands in his name, that he would go check on every now and then. He was respectful and extremely helpful.

Hadi was a quiet man, and despite the fact he studied to become a lawyer, he didn’t want to work as one, except for a few low profile cases, especially that his character was one that avoided problems, arguments, and chatter. He would not take losing cases, and would treat everyone respectfully.

Hadi wanted to live a simple and peaceful life with his wife Liliane. He was isolating himself from other people, and more so when he recently lost his eyesight as a result to diabetes.

He lived in his family's home in Dbaye. A day before the explosion, he told Liliane that they needed to go to their house in Gemmayze to check it out, which they did. When they got there he asked her if they could spend the night, little did he know it was fate that brought him back to his apartment for an appointment with death. Their house was damaged in the explosion that caused multiple wounds to Hadi's body. But he did not succumb to death, and Liliane took him to her parents' house where he stayed for the next two days. However, 77-year old Hadi could not bear the physical complications caused by the enormity and force of the Beirut blast, and he lost consciousness and fell to the floor. They took him to Dr. Hamed Farhat Hospital, where he immediately passed away.

On that fateful afternoon, Beirut transformed to rubble, taking away Hadi’s life.