Hamza Iskandar

Corporal Hamza Iskandar, from Al-Harika – Hermel, lived between Hermel and Beirut, but spent most of his time in Beirut, where he closed his eyes forever, in one of the world’s biggest explosions.

Hamza was bright and smart… His school and university records speak of his achievements, and his teachers who came to his funeral, still remember his wit and intelligence.

Hamza enlisted with the Lebanese army as a Private First Class on February 28, 2015, while he’s been studying Law for the past two years. His army career led him to drop his university degree especially that he was suffering from a very difficult financial situation. Hamza had the kindest heart; he was funny, happy, and caring. He was generous and helpful. He had many friends in and outside the Lebanese army.

Despite his character and love for life, Hamza did not live an easy childhood. He started working at ten years old to help his father support their struggling family.

His little brother Abbas says “thank God, he was always making us proud”. During last Ramadan, he was always late to arrive home; he was helping distribute food boxes to poor and needy families. His family did not even know he was helping multiple NGOs, doing good deeds anonymously…

His last day with the family was one to remember. On Sunday August 2, 2020, he spent the day with his family and cousins, and he was shining of happiness. He also went to the village’s cemetery to visit the graves of dead loved ones…

On August 4, 2020, he was on duty at the Port of Beirut. He was helping firefighters extinguish the flames when a massive explosion rocked the port… His fate was only confirmed five days later. The army drew blood from his mother to match with his DNA, and they confirmed the identity of his remains: parts of his stomach, his leg and his shoulder, a tragic end to a beautiful soul. His mother could not bear his parting, she passed away three months later.