Hassan Sadek

26-year old Corporal Hassan Sadek was born in Wadi Zein, in Baalbeck. He was a good, honorable, and honest person.

His difficult financial conditions prevented him from pursuing his education, and he enlisted with the Lebanese army after he finished middle school. Hassan was famous for being a model of commitment, devotion, and sacrifice. He was repeatedly commended by his military superiors, bringing so much pride to his family.

Hassan was married and had two children, Hussein and Lynn, who were eagerly waiting for him to come back from work, so that they could play with his phone. And now that Hassan is gone, it still symbolizes how much he will be missed on his forever journey. Every night the kids take the phone and they speak to their father's photos, while their mother watches them with a broken heart.

As soon as he enlisted with the Lebanese army, Hassan made a very close and dear friend, Corporal Estephan Rouhana, they were like brothers.

On the 4th of August, Corporal Hassan was on duty in Beirut naval base, along with Corporal Estephan. They were both supposed to be on guard duty together between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM, but they both asked the officer on duty to set their shift earlier, which he accepted.

When the fire erupted, Corporal Hassan was asked to go to the incident site and report to the officer in charge. He did not want to go alone, and insisted on Corporal Estephan to accompany him. The latter hesitated at first, but went with him anyway, and they were not heard of since then…

Hassan's family kept looking for him for four days after the explosion, while his body was in the morgue of one of the hospitals, next to the body of his friend Estephan Rouhana. They wouldn't be separated even in death.