Hayat Fadel

On March 1, 1953, Hayat was born in Gemmayze. She grew up with two brothers and three sisters. She played in the streets of Beirut, and attended Azarieh school.
The youngest in her family, Hayat was lovable and cute. She was pampered, yet had a most beautiful soul. She was loving, caring, and affectionate, and had become more so with age. She attended a vocational education institute for a few years, before marrying Michel Zaytoun.

Hayat lost her mother when she was still young. She had devoted all her time to take care of her before her passing. And as life works in such mysterious ways, Hayat's only daughter now lost her, and lost her love and affection.

Hayat's only worry and preoccupation was the wellbeing of her daughter and husband. Family was her chief priority, and she was always there to support them, whichever way she could.

Her daughter Maria says: "I was growing up and she was growing up with me. She was there for me throughout my childhood and well into my teenage and young years. She was a great wife, and an amazing mom."

On august 4, 2020, at 6:07 PM, the whole family was home. Hayat's husband was injured, and her daughter lost consciousness, and only woke up at the hospital. Hayat was also evacuated to Al-Makassed Hospital, fighting for her life, but she soon passed away, leaving her only daughter, and a grieving and tired 85-year old husband who is suffering from the enormity of this loss.

Her daughter recalls: "I lost her at the same age she lost her mother."

Hayat lost her life, and the memory of that fateful day will not leave her family. Her husband lost one of his eyes in the explosion, and although his physical pain is long over, his heart still aches every time he hears the name of Hayat, the beloved wife he spent most of his life with.

There is no pain that can match that of loss, except the huge disaster that broke the heart of Beirut, and nothing will ease this aching except truth and justice.