Hussein Besher

In Kafartebnit, in 1963, Hussein was born. He studied in the village’s school before enrolling in vocational institutes in Tyre and Nabatieh to major in General Mechanics.
Hussein, thanks to his degree, was employed as a mechanics and maintenance technician at the silos of the Port of Beirut.

He was the second son in a family of fourteen. He was the support for his father and siblings. He was serious, patient, and straightforward.

Hussein has been married for thirty years, but his dream of becoming a father was not fulfilled. He accepted God’s will and kept his pain to himself.

Hussein always thought of others before himself, he used to cover for his coworkers during vacations and holidays, thinking they have families and children they need to be around. Hussein’s main work was in warehouses number 2 and 3. His family thought he was far from the explosion site, but they were unfortunately wrong. On August 4, Hussein was closer to the explosion, working in warehouse number 12. The catastrophic blast did not leave a soul behind.

After the explosion, the family tried to call Hussein but to no avail. They went from Nabatiye – South Lebanon to the Port of Beirut, but they were not allowed entry. Three days later, there was still no news of Hussein. His brother Mohsen managed to get permission to enter the port to look for his brother. When he saw the huge hole in the ground, the dozens of dead bodies, and the human remains, he was sure his brother had lost his life.

Thirteen days after the explosion, Hussein was still missing. He was later found in five pieces: his legs were cut off his body, as well as his arm, hands and neck.

The family received their son in pieces. Maybe, his sacrifice can bring our country together.