Issa Khodor

33-year old Issa was born to a modest family in Homos, in Syria. He had a passion for learning, culture, and literature. He majored in English literature in Syria, then traveled to China to earn his degree in naval engineering. He came back to his home country, and worked in different Syrian ports. Prior to his death, Issa was completing his master’s degree in English literature. He spent most of his days onboard of a ship, in the middle of the sea, and he could rarely visit his family, except for short holidays.

Issa was married, he was the father of two children, Jawad (4) and Taj (2). “Abou Jawad” was a loving, caring father, who tried hard to afford a good life for his children. He was also a devoted brother and a loyal friend. He was indeed a good person who always left a good impression on everyone he met.

Issa sacrificed his young years to provide for his family; he deprived himself of life’s pleasures, so they wouldn’t need anything. He was, throughout his life, an honorable man, and he died on duty.

Just before the explosion, the sea ship he worked on docked at harbor to unload its cargo. Issa was on the ship talking to his family via video call when everything blew up, and the call cut off.

His family tried to know what happened to him, in vain. Issa was severely wounded with the explosion’s debris, and suffered from severe bleeding leading to his death, despite the multiple trials to save his life.

Issa’s family lost an ambitious dear son. His daughter will not have the chance to know the father she met only twice, except in the story of an atomic-like bomb that exploded in the middle of Beirut, shocking the whole world for being one of the biggest explosions in recent history.

His children will always listen to their mother’s stories about their father who lost his life for the sake of a life in dignity.