Issam Faraoun

Issam Pharaon comes from a renowned family in Achrafieh, where he grew up and built friendships with people in the area. He was highly respected for being kind and humble. He is described as transparent by people who know him.
Issam married Lydia fifty years ago, and they still have a strong marriage. His loyalty and love for her grew even bigger after the horrible August 4 explosion that caused her a permanent disability, and during which he sustained severe injuries. Since that day, Issam rarely leaves the house, unless for extremely urgent matters. He spends his time with his beloved wife, easing her pain and attending to her.
Before August 4, Issam had a routine schedule. He would walk and return home to manage his business through the computer. But today, things are different, and the injuries he sustained greatly limited his physical activity, which was still quite commendable for an 80-year-old man before the blast.
On August 4, 2020, Issam was behind his desk working on his computer, when he flew off the ground and fell to the floor in the adjacent room. Before he could realize what had happened, he saw the wall collapsing, and blood streaming down his body. He looked for his wife but he couldn’t see her; he called her name at the top of his voice, and when she didn’t respond, he panicked.
At that moment, a group of young men arrived at the scene and rushed him and his wife, whom they found unconscious under the rubble, to the hospital. The road was gloomy with smoke, there was glass everywhere, cars were completely damaged, and there were people on the ground groaning in pain, waiting for help.
Issam spent a week at Saint Joseph Hospital to recover from the injuries he sustained to his right ear and legs. As a result, he always feels dizzy and has trouble walking unassisted. He uses a crutch for longer walks.
Today, Issam is confined to his home most of the time. He is saddened by the condition of his wife as nothing compensates for the loss of physical and mental health, especially as a result of criminal mass murder.
He asks himself if the truth will ever be known, and if those victims will ever have their voices heard. Will Justice finally prevail? Will there be compensation for the victims and their families? Will there be anyone willing to take on this cause and stand up for the truth until the end?