Jacqueline Jebrine

Jacqueline devoted herself to the service of patients, helping them overcome their pain and suffering, easing their sickness. She offered a helping hand to everyone who needed her… Her chief concern was to take care of her sick mother; she did not know that staying for an extra seven minutes after the end of her shift, will put an end to her life and future plans.

Jacqueline  was a nurse at the Rosary Sisters Hospital (Wardieh) – Gemmayze, and she was responsible for the seventh floor, dedicated to the cancer treatment and breast reconstruction department, that was officially inaugurated a year ago.

Jacqueline was in her fifties, she was still single, and she could not fulfil her dream of becoming a mother. Yet, she was a loving aunt to her nieces and nephews. She loved them like her own, and they filled her life with joy.

Jacqueline was extremely modest, she never wanted things for herself. She never thought of traveling, or doing anything that would make her personally happy. All she ever cared about was to be there for her mom, Nada. Jacqueline was her mother's sole provider after the death of her father, four years ago, especially that three of her siblings lived abroad, and the remaining two were married with families of their own. She lost her life and purpose on that fateful afternoon, and her mother's tears still haven’t dried up.

On Tuesday August 4, 2020, 55-year old "Jacquie" woke up early, as usual, and showed up at the hospital for her working shift between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Her brother wonders why she was late to leave the hospital. Maybe she was waiting for her replacement for the evening shift. He was told that when the fire erupted at the Port of Beirut, she watched the flames with a coworker through a hospital window. When the first explosion happened, windows shattered, doors and medical equipment flew across the rooms. The second explosion flew her off the ground, and she hit her head. Her body was trapped under the rubble. The hospital's ER doctor on duty tried to save her life, , but nothing could be done, she was already gone. Jacqueline suffered from an internal hemorrhage and died instantly.

A number of nuns and nurses were wounded that evening, but they survived. unfortunately, Jacqueline left this world in silence, sacrificing her beautiful soul, to save everyone else.