Jad Dahdah

Jad was born in Achrafieh, he grew up with a sister, Dania. Although the family is initially from Sarba - Ftouh Kesserwan, they chose Beirut as their permanent residence.

As a child, Jad was calm, nice and polite. His character did not change much growing up, on the contrary, he developed additional qualities. He was committed, helpful, spontaneous, peaceful, friendly, honest, and kind-hearted.

Jad did not talk much, he only said the things that needed to be said. He always wore a smile on his face, spreading happiness around, with his ever hopeful, positive personality.

Jad loved life, he stayed away from arguments and problems. He spent his time between his job at Software Design, where he spent the last 30 years, his friends, and his apartment, where he lived with his sister… He was grateful for what he had, and dreamed of living peacefully in Lebanon. He also hoped the economic situation would improve, and things would get better. Yet, despite the worsening situation in the country, he never thought of leaving Lebanon.

On August 4 2020, Jad went to work in the morning. He greeted his coworkers, and they were all happy to see Jado, as they called him. He met with a friend who lived in Dubai, and was visiting Beirut.

That day, he was late getting back to his apartment, near Saint George Hospital. He was eating his lunch, when a huge explosion rocked the city of Beirut. It blew him off his seat, into the next room, and he passed away immediately.

Being home on that fateful evening, saved the life of his sister from a certain death. When she heard the first explosion, she got out of her room, overlooking the port, into the hallway, to call her brother’s name. She was still in the hallway when the second explosion happened and blew everything up around her…

Death was probably going to get to Jad wherever he was, his room and car were completely destroyed by the blast. Jad passed away, and for his sister he will forever be an "angel."